Mistakes in Link Building You Should Definitely Avoid

Link building is one of the important SEO activities that a website owner or designer should always do. However, this does not mean that you should build links regardless of the situation.

The process of building links can be really cost a lot of money and effort to do. You should, therefore, make wise decision concerning link building. Below is a list of the link building mistakes you should avoid at all costs.
  • Backlinks are not related to the content of the website. This is an extremely common mistake that even some of the more experienced web masters make.

Link BuildingThe backlinks that you are supposed to put on your website should have some relation with the content of your website. For instance, if your website is about parenthood, do not include links that come from marketing websites. Unless your website focuses on a very specific subject matter, it is highly likely that you will have a vast array of choices of websites relate to your website’s content where you can get your backlinks.

  • Backlinks that have the “nofollow” attribute. Even if you maintain honesty with the people you deal with on the web, there are still some webmasters who will cheat on you. For instance, when you pay a webmaster to create a backlink for you, sometimes the link could either disappear, or you may find out that the link has a “nofollow” attribute.

To prevent this, the solution is not to stop dealing with webmasters altogether. Rather, you should continuously check the links provided to you by webmasters to see if they used the “nofollow” attribute on their links.

  • Forgetting to use the ALT text in image links. There are times when the use of image texts cannot simply be avoided. If the only way for you to get a backlink is to use an image text, accept it with no reservations. To make your image text productive and for it to be able to participate in SEO activities in your website, you should not forget the ALT text. Otherwise, search engine bots will not be able to read it.
  • Links are good, but they suffer from bad anchor text choice. Your links may be good, but if the words used to create them are very generic, then they will be of little use. Remember that keywords are extremely important in SEO, and including them in you backlinks is necessary to make them usable.


  • seoPrioritizing image links over anchor texts. There are often times when web masters want to get hold of backlinks so fast that they tend to forget to look at the small details of things, including anchor text. These webmasters replace text links with image links, which although works better than text links, are not really friendly to SEO. This is because image links cannot be read by SEO bots, and so websites that contain these are usually skipped.


  • You continue to have links to websites that have gone bad. You may have decided to put your link on a website which seemed to be reputable in the past. However, as time went by, it had gone downhill, publishing unwanted content such as pornography and gory materials. This can hurt you, so you should include checking the websites where your links are located from time to time as part of your daily SEO activities.


  • Your link comes from websites that have lots of links. Backlinks are worth more when they come from pages that only have a very few backlinks in themselves.

There are pages on the Internet with more than one hundred links in them, and if your backlinks belong to this kind of pages, they are practically useless.

However, even if your backlink is on a website with few backlinks, it may have been bestowed with the “nofollow” attribute. The lesson here is before you decide to put your backlink on a particular website, check the number of links that it has first, and double check if your backlinks has the “nofollow” attribute to it.